Friday, January 6, 2012

Taiwanese Belly Dancers

     During the fall of 2011, while biking to Danshui, I saw a belly dancing exhibition.  I came, I saw, I photographed and made video recordings.  Toward the end of their performance, their leader, Lucy Chen (above left), asked if anyone in the audience wanted a free belly dancing lesson, or words to that effect.  I was the only taker.  
     The ladies were very helpful and friendly.  They even had someone used my camera to take pictures of my belly dancing lesson.  At the end of the performance, we all posed for a group photo.
     Check out the video below:

     To watch it on YouTube, click here: (video)

     For further information on their troupe, you may want to check out Lucy's Belly Dance Blog, at  To read it, you can select English or Chinese.
     In part two of this series of articles, I take a belly dancing lesson.  (link)
     Part three of the series features candid photos of the dancers waiting to go on, and posed photos.  (link)

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